If you missed our Summer Virtual Wellness Series, you’re in luck! We have them recorded, just for you!

Each season, we partner with the nutrition experts at Wellness Coaches to offer you a series of virtual workshops that will focus on ways to stay healthy—mentally, physically and nutritionally. Check out the recordings below, as we touch on blood pressure, a kid friendly cooking demo and how to stay slimmer in the summer.

Click the recording image to start each video. 

Blood Pressure Seminar

Your health is your number one priority! In this 45 minute presentation hosted by Wellness Coaches, we will highlight the importance of addressing the risks of high blood pressure  including regular checks as part of your preventive care routine. Plus coaching on lifestyle changes, that can really help make a difference no matter where you are starting on your health journey.

Cooking Demo – Kids in the Kitchen, Summer 

Tune in to just watch, or break out your utensils to cook alongside a Wellness Nutrition Registered Dietitian to make healthy black bean sliders complimented by a nutrient packed popsicle.  Easy and healthy recipe the adults and kiddos will enjoy!

Nutrition Tips: Slimmer in the Summer

Summer is a great time to explore foods that taste delicious while providing your body with what it needs! With this 45 minute Nutrition Presentation featuring healthy summer recipe ideas, along with ways to incorporate foods from each food group. Plus you’ll get tips for making good food choices while on vacation will be discussed.

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