Did you miss our Spring Wellness Series? Don’t worry, we got you covered! 

Below you will find our Spring Wellness Series workshop recordings, hosted by Wellness Coaches and sponsored by our partners in healthy living, Independence Blue Cross. Just click the image of the workshop you would like to watch, and you’ll be one step closer on your wellness journey!

Overcoming Barriers to Exercise

In this 45 minute workshop hosted by Wellness Coaches, you will learn how to overcome the most common challenges to sticking with an exercise routine. Your Wellness Coach will dive into the health benefits of exercise, make recommendations for physical activity depending upon your stage of readiness, and provide tips to common barriers to exercise. You will explore how time, travel, family and motivation can make an impact on your exercise habits.

Cooking Demo – Simple Stir Fry

Flavor is powerful. Join us during this 45 minute cooking workshop, hosted by Wellness Coaches. You will learn how to make a nutrient packed stir-fry that can be used for lunch, dinner or your next week’s meal prep. This recipe highlights plant based proteins and a ton of vegetables! This workshop will guarantee to be delicious.

Find the recipe here.

Optimizing Immunity Through Nutrition

With so much misinformation about food and nutrition in the media, how do you know what to believe? Join us for a 45 minute workshop featuring a food and nutrition expert from Wellness Coaches. Your Registered Dietitian will provide you with the science and evidence behind which foods will best optimize your immunity and help reduce your risk of infection. Specific foods with immune benefit will be highlighted along with tips for how to increase eating those foods. Additionally, food safety will be highlighted.

Workshops are Proudly Sponsored by our Partners in Healthy Living: